audit with DIN EN ISO 9001

Improve your efficiency through auditing

Internal audits.
We check whether the internal processes are suited to help you reach your company’s targets. In case of deviating results we will investigate the necessary improvement options and will define the relevant counter measures. Thus the persons responsible for the implementation are held liable; the processes are streamlined or re-defined where needed.

External audits.
By auditing your suppliers we will find out whether these truly are the partners best suited to your enterprise. We will cooperate with them to allocate the adequate measures to the identified areas in need of improvement. Your supplier will move forward and thus will contribute to your enterprise’s success.

Company success by trained employees

Employees are the base your company’s success is founded on. They transform the management’s guidelines into measurable results. Only well-trained and skilled employees are able to act successfully, self-dependently and adequately at all times.

External quality management agent (QMA).
If your human resource plan does not allow for an internal quality management agent position, we will support you with our external QMA service. Based on the size of your company, our QMA will come to you and take care of the quality management subjects that matter to you.

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