occupational safety supervisor

Trust in occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety is the employees’ safety at work, meaning the control and minimization of risks for their health and safety. Thus it is part of the occupational health and safety as defined by the labor protection law, which demands measures to prevent accidents at work and work-related health risks including measures for the creation of humane working conditions. Managing the protection of the employees’ health and safety is one of the indispensable supporting processes within a company, first of all for humane reasons, but also for economical reasons: Accidents and work-related illnesses represent immense costs for companies as well as for society. Empirical findings suggest that deficiencies in occupational health and safety frequently indicate deficiencies in the product or service quality, from which it may be concluded that there are issues with the operational organization and management.

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industrial engineering


Consulting service:

- for planning, execution and maintenance of operational plants and welfare and sanitary facilities
- for the procurement of technical equipment and the introduction of work processes and work material
- for the evaluation of work conditions


- of operational plants and the technical equipment, especially before their commissioning
- of work processes, especially before their introduction

Accompanying Measures:

- regular site inspections and notification of the employer about possible identified deficiencies
- preparation of proposals for the elimination of identified deficiencies and active supervision of the elimination processes
- examination of the root causes of work accidents, their systematical recording and evaluation as well as the preparation of proposals aiming to prevent future work accidents
- regular briefings for the employees in safety-related matters