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Company policy

It does not suffice to take responsibility in order to gain reliability.

Responsibility must be practiced reliably.

Being open and honest is our top priority. We search for and find the solution that matches your specific requirements best without losing focus of the economical targets

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We demand a fully integrated approach to health, safety and environmental management in our offices, on site and at our client´s locations, as well as in in every country where we provide our expertise, to ensure successful completion of each project.
No task, job or service is urgent enough to justify jeopardizing any health, safety or environmental requirements.

We are committed to:
- Qualifying suppliers and contractors to make them aware of their responsibilities regarding health, safety and the environment
- ensuring the highest attention and priority to health and safety of all cti personnel and of persons who are involved in our activities
- Implementing and maintaining a Health and Safety Management System that complies with international standards
- Complying with applicable legislation, together with international standards, codes of practice and client requirements in respect of occupational health, safety and the environment
- design, construct, and commission plants in compliance with highest safety standards and taking care of the environment
- Supporting our employees by providing training and development of HSE knowledge and skills
- Promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle amongst our employees
- Reporting accidents, incidents and near misses and investigating them fully to identify lessons learned and prevent similar events from occurring again
- Minimizing the environmental impact and the potential pollution sources for our activities

"zero incident and zero occupational illness" should be the goal for all projects and operations.
We shall continue to foster an atmosphere that supports these commitments and welcomes ideas that contribute to a safer workplace, protect the environment and improve efficiency through an integrated system of continuous improvement.

The success of this policy is dependent upon the participation and co-operation of all employees

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